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Kererū - Native Wood Pigeon

The original house constructed in 1981 was given an extensive birthday when we started developing the property in 2019.  Nestled amongst established native bush - Kauri, Rimu, Kahikatea, Miro, Matai and Totara it has all the Jurassic giants of NZ forests and views out over the valley. Often the Kereru and Tui will perch in the Kowhai's alongside the deck.


The house is self contained with 2 bedrooms - Queen Master and single over double bunk in the second, wet area bathroom with washing machine and a large open plan kitchen/dining/living room there is space for a family.


Access to Kereru is up the main driveway with parking right outside. When redeveloped the house was made an accessible space for all (incl. wheelchairs).

With Ruru the communial kitchen to service the cabins directly across the drive Kereru is often a hub of activity.