Kotare - Kingfisher

The first cabin you see as you wander up the track, this cabin is suited to people with a dash of colour who like to perch above a bed of rock to take in the vista while listening to the river below. If you're lucky you may see a Kotare perching on the wire above you.



This is the only cabin with an open deck space and as it faces west you can relax from your day's adventure and take in the orange glow behind the trees with an evening drink. 

It is located next to the fire pit, so suits its name sake as being the last bird to finish at night, but we won't keep you to also being the first to rise  in the morning. 


Korimako - Bell Bird

With its feet in the native bush this cabin is perched at the top, enabling you to absorb the bush noises including the Korimako’s bell-like chorus. Overlooking the fire pit, this is a great perch to enjoy the vista across the valley. 

Piwakawaka - Fantail

Nestled amongst the forest this cabin gives you the feeling of being in a tree house slightly off the trodden path of the other cabins. Being amongst the well-established forest suits the Piwakawaka’s enjoyment of dappled light, staying cool on a warm summer's day.

RURU - Communal Kitchen

Lounge and patio area for all guests to share. Set on the edge of the property you are raised above the river so you can relax and enjoy the valley sounds.


Facilities include fridge, stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, BBQ, chiminea, benchtop pizza oven, sandwich press, plates, cutlery, pots and pans...

basically everything you might find at home.


Having started its life as a 1982 Ideal tin garage, it has been stripped back to its skeleton and rebuilt with nearly all natural fibres to soar higher and more majestically than ever before. Just like the owl she is named after she will also look after you for as long as you choose to spend time under her wings.

Enjoy... you'll have a hoot!!